I’ve always been attracted to the challenge of an unmet opportunity. Growing up, I spent hours with Lego’s, Erector Sets and whatever tools I could get my hands on in our family’s basement. Designing, constructing, deconstructing, and then starting all over again – testing the boundaries of what’s possible – this is what I enjoy. As a pianist, I revel in tackling a complex piece of music – breaking down the intricacies of the composition, and then adding, changing and re-assembling the discrete parts into arrangements of my own design. For me, the creative process is always as satisfying as the final result. Not much of a surprise, then, that I studied engineering at Tufts, and went on to further study of engineering, computer science and management at MIT. While at MIT, I was fortunate to be an inaugural fellow in the groundbreaking Leaders for Global Operations program, where I got to meet and work with like-minded colleagues on new ideas and possibilities.

It’s no wonder my life’s work has always been drawn to innovation. I am most inspired when I bring really smart people together and grok hard problems. We build, we decompose, we make incredible experiences and outcomes for our customers, our shareholders and our team. Throughout, whether in manufacturing or data analytics, AI or IoT platforms, I’ve come to believe that making stuff with creative, brilliant people is the best work there is, period. With them – and from them – I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build business excellence through the orchestration of technology and human potential and here’s where I’ll share some of the best lessons.