Privacy Policy

I created this website to share my perspectives on the evolving nature of work and learnings from my work with robots and manufacturing. I appreciate that you share your time with me by reading these posts, and I respect and am intentional about preserving your privacy.

To that end, I do not collect any information about visitors to this site. Features such as providing comments, “likes,” and survey responses are disabled. Likewise, this site does not provide the option to follow this blog. Nor do I share or sell any information about visitors to this site.

I use built-in analytics called Site Stats, a feature provided by Automatttic, the owner and operator of, to look at the number of page views and unique visitors over time. All of the information I can access through Site Stats is fully anonymized. I do not have access to any personally-identifiable data.

To provide me the service Site Stats, Automattic collects information such as IP addresses, cookie identifiers and location information about visitors to my site. The details of what information they collect and how they use that information is described in their Privacy Notice.

I sometimes provide links to other websites, solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to the users of this website. I am not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to from this website nor the information or content contained therein.