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The Recession Cometh and Robots are Ready

The looming question of recession is no longer if, but when. For manufacturers, the lack of flexibility they need to successfully navigate the uncertainty is exacerbated by labor shortages and rigid automation. The good news: collaborative robots boost flexibility and more.

AI and Robots: Not What You Think

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven collaborative robots are not some futuristic technology that manufacturers have to wait for. The AI that makes cobots smart, capable and effective is here and at work today – improving productivity and quality in manufacturing operations large and small.

The Role of Robots in Industry 4.0

Robots have come a long way since the days when automation solutions relied on hard-wiring, expensive programming and fixed installations. Unleashed and powered by software, these smart machines are key to helping manufacturers unlock the potential of the digital factory and Industry 4.0.

Robots are Boring

Smart, collaborative robots have crossed over from futuristic fantasy to solving the real-world challenge of labor in manufacturing. Today, robots are working in manufacturing to increase productivity and efficiency; soon robots will help manufacturers run more agile and innovative operations.

Robots Know Things: Put Them to Work for You

As manufacturers put their backs into making Industry 4.0 a reality, a closer look at smart, collaborative robots makes sense. Able to engage based on a common understanding of the way things work these robots know things that will contribute to building the future of world-class operations.