Grieving the Death of a Company

Rethink Robotics, a pioneer in the new category of collaborative robots, changed the way companies think about factory automation. And yet despite the best efforts of a hardworking team, last month, Rethink Robotics shuttered its doors.

AI and Robots: Not What You Think

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven collaborative robots are not some futuristic technology that manufacturers have to wait for. The AI that makes cobots smart, capable and effective is here and at work today – improving productivity and quality in manufacturing operations large and small.

Living In Irony

Work is essential to being human. Having a purpose is possibly the most important driver to get up every day. Why would I ever give that up?

The Role of Robots in Industry 4.0

Robots have come a long way since the days when automation solutions relied on hard-wiring, expensive programming and fixed installations. Unleashed and powered by software, these smart machines are key to helping manufacturers unlock the potential of the digital factory and Industry 4.0.