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Lessons Learned In China: Don’t Fear The Robots

In 2015, the Chinese government launched an ambitious initiative to transform Chinese manufacturing from the world’s source of low-cost labor to the leader in innovation and quality. Today, we’re seeing the role that robots will play on the pursuit of that vision and how Chinese manufacturers are different from their global peers when it comes to adoption strategies…

Think You Know Industrial Robots? Think Again.

It’s been more than 50 years since the first robot for manufacturing was installed at GM. While manufacturing has changed a lot since then, many still think the truths about industrial robots haven’t changed. Not so. Smart, collaborative robots bring automation to much of the 90 percent of manufacturing tasks that haven’t been automated yet and manufacturers need to look again at what robots can do for their operations….

When Humans and Robots Work Together

When you hear about innovative technological advances that are reshaping industries, chances are you aren’t thinking about a factory floor. Not much has changed there since the first industrial robots were deployed in the 1960s — until now.

Why Robots AND Humans Are the Answer to Manufacturing’s Job Woes

There are a lot of stories these days about the rise of robots and the coming Armageddon on jobs when robots replace everyone from sanitation engineers to CPAs. I don’t know about that, but I do know about the cold hard reality of the manufacturing workforce that’s aging out and the lack of interest in manufacturing jobs among the next generation of workers. The solution, being deployed today, is a harmonious middle ground where robots and humans to work together….